How to ensure your safety as an escort

To ensure your safety as an escort you should consider working for an escort agency who have security and safety measures in place for their girls. Escort agencies will verify clients before your appointment. Escort agencies provide a safe incall premises to work from, so your home address can be kept private. An escort agency will know where their escorts are at all times.

Independent escorts and girls who work for an escort agency should never give out any personal details about themselves, friends or family. Keep your escort work totally separate from your personal life.

Escort agencies and independent escorts should always use a “working name” rather than their real name. Under no circumstances should a client know your real name because it is very easy to obtain everything about you.

If you decide that working with an escort agency isn’t right for you and you would rather be an independent escort. There are ways to ensure your safety as an independent escort. To ensure your safety as an independent escort keep a detailed record of clients who phone, do not make a booking, do not turn up, who do attend a booking with you and consequently a review of the client. To ensure your safety as an escort, this detailed record will be your “secret diary of a call girl” and must be put in a place where it could be found if you ever went missing. Although police will be able to access your phone record, having this detailed secret record will help to find you quicker. If you can, always tell someone where you are going! If this is not possible, then we recommend you take a taxi and book the taxi in advance for the end of the appointment. Having a security driver, even if it is a taxi man, is always a big deterrent for any dishonest client.

Stay away from drunks.

If the client sounds drunk or under the influence of drugs when you speak to him on the phone, then do not make the booking. Likewise, if when you first meet a client and he appears to be drunk, under the influence of drugs, or more people are present with him, do not start the appointment. Although many escorts have a drink with their clients, ensure your safety as an escort by not getting drunk and out of control. If you do have a drink with your client, try and only drink from cans or bottles that you have opened yourself so it is not possible for the client to ”spike” your drink with any drugs. If at any point you feel threatened, scared or your gut feeling is telling you that “something doesn’t feel right” then leave immediately. Keep calm and make an excuse to go outside. Or make an excuse to go to the bathroom and take your mobile phone to call for help. Remember as an escort you are doing nothing illegal, so at any point you can ring the police and they will help you.

Above we have spoken about how to ensure your safety as an escort physically. But a big safety matter as an escort is your health! Always practice safe sex to avoid Sexually transmitted diseases or S.T.D´s. The safest way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases is to wear a condom. Always ensure you have condoms in your work bag, so a client can never use the excuse not to wear one. Escorts should also attend the S.T.D clinic regularly just to ensure they are always clear of infections. Even if you have no symptoms and are always using a condom, for peace of mind you should still attend a clinic regularly. Avoid having sex with any client who has any symptoms of an S.T.D and politely tell him of your concerns, he may not even be aware! Likewise, avoid kissing any client who has signs of a cold sore. A cold sore is the herpes simplex virus which is closely related to genital herpes. A cold sore is highly contagious! A coldsore, although fairly common, it looks very unsightly particularly for an escort and will ruin her appearance for work!