How to promote your escort service

How to promote your escort services depends on whether you are an independent escort or if you work for an escort agency.

An independent escort is a free-lance escort who is responsible for promoting herself. An independent escort must pay out of her own pocket as a professional self-employed businesswoman, running her own business. These escorts who work for themselves, need to ensure that they have a website and phone number. However, an independent escort must ensure she had put adverts on escort directories, local newspapers and classified sites to gain web traffic to her website. Nowadays, social media is the key to gaining an audience. Therefore, an independent escort should try and find the time to engage in social media such as twitter and Instagram. There are some social media platforms, such as Facebook, which do not allow adult businesses such as escorts or escort agencies to promote their business. Another problem for Independent escorts is advert prices are higher than other businesses. Therefore, to promote your escort services, you will pay more than average for an advert which, unless you are a successful independent escort, will take a lot out of your profit.

Word of mouth is the best way to promote your escort services regardless of whether you are an independent escort or an escort agency. Believe it or not, clients talk and confer about their escort experiences! Clients can talk through the many punting forums on the internet and escort social media. A bad review, from a verified genuine client, can make your promotion difficult. The best way to promote your escort services is to get a fantastic review from your clients and this word of mouth promotion will make other clients want to see you. Most first time escorts with work with a reputable escort agency such as:

Escort agencies are a good option.

Although to work for an escort agency the promotion of escort services is the same, the wonderful fact is the escort agency pays to promote their escorts! The escort agency is responsible for photos, website and placing the adverts to get clients to see their escorts. Of course, no matter how well an escort agency promotes their escort services, it is up to the escorts themselves to have repeat clients and good feedback. An escort agency could pay thousands to promote all their escorts, but if an escort does not make an effort at her job, word of mouth will soon give that particular escort a bad reputation. Also for safety reasons of those escorts offering role plays for example, its much better being looked after by someone like as they will ensure your safe.

For independent escorts and escort agency girls to promote their services, the best advice is to try and stand out from the rest. Make your escort service unique. To be the best an escort needs to do her best and more! There are so many independent escorts and escort agencies promoting their services which means there is some real stiff competition. If an escort is not a stereotypical picture-perfect escort, then compensate with the promotion of your escort services. There are plenty of successful escorts who service the niche market from plus size escorts, to escorts with full pubic hair. There is no set image for an escort. Clients enjoy spice, variety and something different from their everyday personal lives. So don’t be afraid to promote a different escort service, you would be surprised how many clients will want to try it!

Good luck and happy escorting!