Importance of foreplay with your escort

The importance of foreplay with your escort can be the difference between a fantastic sexual encounter and a bad one. It is important that you communicate with your escort with regards to the foreplay that you enjoy. If you escort is taking the lead in foreplay, tell her what is making you aroused. Foreplay can be a relaxing massage, a sexy lap dance, seductive striptease and flirting with your escort. Foreplay can be in the bathtub, touching, kissing or wearing a fantasy roleplay outfit. The importance of foreplay with an escort is to get aroused before your sex session. An escort who is really turned on and horny through forplay can give a mind-blowing sexual encounter. The buildup of excitement during foreplay can be the make or break of sex finished with an explosive orgasm. A client or escort who does not engage in foreplay can be left feeling sexually neglected. If a client can arouse an escort through foreplay, his appointment with her will be the best sexual experience he has ever had. You will not bring the sexy side of your Birmingham escorts without some form of Foreplay. Even the Birmingham escorts at will be grateful for it!

Studies show that escorts who offer “O.W.O” or “Oral With Out” are more popular than escorts who do not offer this service. O.W.O escorts are an important part of foreplay for a male client. Over 90% of clients asked in an escort survey, stated that a blowjob was the most important part of foreplay with an escort and they could not get aroused for sex without it. 98% of escorts asked in a client survey stated that they can perform better as an escort when foreplay is involved.

Foreplay is the equivalent to a warm up in the gym. Foreplay gets you motivated to help you perform better in bed with an escort or client. With this in mind certainly you can pick an escort for maximum pleasure much simpler!

The use of sex toys can be a really important part of foreplay and adds some variation, which is important if you visit a regular escort. Some escorts cannot reach an orgasm through penetrate sex, so need toys to stimulate the clitoris.

The importance of foreplay with an escort is that it can stimulate a real G.F.E or Girl Friend Experience. In a loving relationship, foreplay is performed to please each other, so this is no different to a G.F.E escort. An escort who offers a G.F.E wants to please you, stimulate you and caress you, so you feel as though you are with a girlfriend for that duration of time. Feeling wanted and needed through foreplay is a very important part for a client visiting an escort.

Of course, we appreciate there are some clients that can only book short half an hour appointment during work time or this is all that they can afford. These clients in shorter bookings may not have time for foreplay or to stimulate their escort. Therefore, as above, o.w.o is so important to them, a form of foreplay that really gets the clients aroused quickly. We also appreciate that some clients feel that if they are paying, why should they spend their punting time trying to arouse an escort. Surely, it’s the escorts job to arouse the client?! Well, escorts allow for this perspective of thinking and always carry lubrication in their box of tricks. But those clients that do make the effort into arousing an escort through foreplay, really noticed the heightened sensations.

So, we summerise with, the importance of foreplay with your escort is that your appointment will be more pleasurable for the both of you!