My encounter with an escort

My encounter with an escort began after the death of my wife which resulted in a very lonely Christmas. I was miserable and desperately needed some female company.

My journey to find an escort began with research on the internet. To my amazement, there were so many escorts and escort agencies in the UK, I felt a bit bewildered. Therefore, I searched for escorts and escort agencies in my area to narrow down the search. However, once again on initial inspection, I felt spoilt for choice for escort in my area. But alarm bells rang as I thought ” are all of these escorts and escort agencies genuine”. You hear of some horror stories where clients get scammed out of money or beaten up by pimps. So, I began to filter through the escort adverts in my area to see if they were all genuine. The escort adverts and websites soon began to stand out from the successful, genuine and transparent ones to the misleading ones.

My instinct told me to try an escort agency. They were on page one of Google for my search term and I really liked how easily I could navigate around their website. Everything was clear, from the escort’s photos, descriptions, statistics and reviews from other clients.

I decided I like the look of Rosie, a blonde and naturally busty, white British girl, to be my first encounter with an escort. Apparently, she was in her late 20’s, experienced but had youthful looks. Rosie had lots of positive reviews and one bad review, but he claimed she returned the money, which for me seemed the escort and escort agency showed honesty.

The phone number of the escort agency was clearly printed at the top of the website, so I took a deep breath and rang. The phone was engaged. After a few attempts, which i took as a positive sign for a successful agency, a very chirpy lady answered the phone. I had no clue what to do or say, so I simply said ” can I book Rosie, please” To my surprise, the friendly receptionist began to make conversation with me. She didn’t recognize my voice, so asked me if this was my first time calling. Before I knew it, I had spilled out to her that my wife had died and I was lonely and totally forgot that I was talking to a stranger. The escort agency receptionist was so sympathetic and easy to talk to, I almost forgot the original reason that I had called, to book Rosie.

The receptionist explained the booking procedure and everything to me in detail. She asked me if I had any requests. I hesitated, because what I wanted, probably sounded a little freaky. The receptionist picked up on my hesitation and told me not to be shy. She said the escort Rosie was very open minded and as long as no one gets hurt there is never any issue with my request. So I asked if she would mind dressing up in my dead wifes clothes and wearing some of her perfume. As I took a deep breath, waiting for her to call me a sicko, she replied “no problem, I will tell Rosie of your request and she will put the clothes on when you arrive with them”

I arrived at the apartment and rang the receptionist again to get the incall apartment number. Shortly after knocking on the door, Rosie opened the door. She was wearing a silk gown that was slightly open to show off her cleavage. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders. Her black high heels emphasized her long toned legs. She gave me a big white smile and flung her arms around my neck as though we had met before. She then pulled me into her apartment, closed the door with her foot and started to tenderly kiss me. “Hi im Rosie” she said as her hands wondered around my body. She led me to the sofa and sat down closely next to me, with one arm around my next and her hand softly on my groin. She offered me a drink, which I declined through nerves. We began to talk and slowly I began to relax. She was chatty and funny, but always affectionately touching me.

She excused herself whilst she went and changed into my wifes clothes. I felt emotion as I smelt her perfume coming from through the bedroom. She playfully called me name and I proceeded to follow her into the bedroom. Laid seductively on the luxury bed was Rosie the escort, pretending to be my wife. I laid down beside her and closed my eyes, taking a deep smell of her perfume. During our private session, Rosie did not talk, and I did not open my eyes. My fantasy roleplay was that my wife was with me again. She was pleasing me and loving me and kissing me, just like my wife used to do. She was amazing!

Needless to say, my encounter with an escort was perfect and exactly what I needed. No one made me feel awkward or like I was a weirdo. I felt mentally at ease with myself for the first time since my wife had died. I could think straight. It made me sleep better at night.

My conclusion is that escorts are looked down upon, but people don’t actually realise how they help men like me in society!